How to contribute to Open NanoCarbon

Welcome to Open NanoCarbon! We seek scientists and engineers to actually do the open science to make this project a reality. Anyone can join, assuming they have background in the topic in question or can assist someone that does.

At a highlevel, to contribute to Project ONC, read the main pages including the FAQ and then create a log in or log into the collaboration tools: wiki, source code repository at github, chat and meet in person at the monthly meetups.

Start Here First

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Read the main site: and FAQ:

Read the main page of this wiki, it will contain the latest status of this project and any updates.

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Log in, or create a user account to the wiki. Select 'Log in' in the upper right hand corner of this website to log in or have the option to create a new account.

User accounts will be approved by the wiki admin as soon as the wiki admin is sure you are a human.

Update Open NanoCarbon Project Wiki

After creating a user and signing into the wiki, if you have expertise in a concentration that concerns an experiment or need to add pertinent information which is helpful to the project, drop a note in the gitter chat room explaining the new additions or updates and provide a link to the changes.

Be kind and help your colleagues, there is always a teachable moment.

Do not update pages that have an experiment in progress, unless apart of the sub-team for that particular experiment.

As this is a wiki, changes can always be reverted.

Users abusing or destroying content will be removed from all parts of the project: meetup, chat, wiki, etc.

Add a New Research Topic

Or, on any page, Select the ... next to the Create at the top of the menu bar of the wiki. Then select show more, or scroll to the bottom of the list for the Research Topic. This template has the Table of Contents, Page Properties, Status macros. Also label the page such that the Page Report Properties macro can include this page in it's tables.

The page should look like New Research Topic.

Summaryelement x Catalysis


INACTIVE The project hasn't started yet

Give a brief project status here. Also update the color and text, Inactive, Active, etc... Items in the Excerpt box will be reported on parent pages.

Key: gray for inactive, green for active, yellow for updates needed, red for urgent updates needed, blue for complete.


This is a description of the theories and how they apply to the project.

Also add a Label to the page to place it in the proper category.


This section contains useful information pertaining to the research and includes the source paper and relevant related information.

Noteable paperURLC.Y. NgUC DavisAbstract summary

Next Steps