Conceptual Reference Links

This page is for sharing resources that explain concepts necessary for understanding the Science and Engineering of any devices along the process to solidify carbon from atmospheric CO2. This is not the page for listing SW infrastructure/tools.


CO2 ReferenceReference/CO2 ReferenceLocally hosted page on CO2 links to various CO2 sources on the web
NIST Glossary Glossary of Common Terms and Abbreviations in Quantum Chemistry.
Molecular Orbitals
MO of O2, 3Σg, 1Δg
MO of molecules with carbon
Rotation Vibration Spectroscopy modes are due to the spin and pairing of the valence electrons in the atom or bonded molecule. Those spin states can be used as a way to further differentiate the ions.
Point Group Symmetry

Point groups for CO2 are C2v and D∞h which describe the linear configuration (D∞h) or bent configuration (C2v)

Critical Opalescence

Climate Change

Climate ScienceClimate ScienceLocally hosted: Cyrosphere and Climate Change
Climate NASA Climate Portal
Global Carbon Budget Global Carbon Budget Yearly
UNFCCC / COPUNFCCC: COPxUnited Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change & Conference Proceedings





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