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Plasma Chemistry,

5.7 Complete CO2 Dissociation In Plasma With Production Of Carbon And Oxygen

2008Fridman, A. A.

The physics of a chemically active plasma with non-equilibrium vibrational excitation of molecules

Rusanov, V.D, Fridman, A. A.,  Sholin, G. V.

'Here the process is complicated by the influence of the strong reverse reaction CO_2*+ C -> 2CO , ref 123
— 2CO, 123 which can be suppressed only if the discharge parameters are precision-adjusted in such a way as to ensure heterogeneous stabilization of the carbon on the discharge-chamber walls. ref Plasma Papers#11, discussion in ref 69'

'parameters obtained experimentally for medium-pressure systems in MW discharge w/ magnetic field under cyclotron resonance conditions - eq 2.31  & reduction of carbon were obtained.Plasma Papers#79'

69 V. A. Legasov, V. D. Rusanov, and A. A. Fridman, in: Khimiya plazmy (Plasma Chemistry), No. 5 (ed. Β. Μ. Smirnov), Atomizdat, Moscow, 1978."

Non-Equilibrium Processes in the Plasma-Chemical UHF-Reactor with Magnetik Field, R.I., Zhivotov, V.K., Krotov, M.F., Rusanov, V.K., Tarasov, Yu. Y.

non equilibrium uhf discharge, computer simulation,

5-200 Torr, electron cyclotron resonance ( 𝛌 = 8mm, H=12k0e)

Non-equilibrium plasma-chemical reactions in high pressure systems provided by vibrationnally excited reagents. Legasov, V.D. Rusanov, A.A. Fridman, G.V. Sholin

High pressure (≳ 1atm) reduction of CO2 via CO+CO → C + CO2 by vibrationally exciting the CO2 molecules

Carbon Dioxide Dissociation in Non-Equilibrium Plasma

1981Asisov R.I., Fridman A.A., Givotov V.K., Karesheninnikov E.G., Patrushev B.I., Potapkin B.V., Rusanov V.D., Krotov M.F.CO2 -> CO + 1/2 O2 dissociation a up to 90% efficiency w/ Microwave supersonic gas flow, citing CO2 vibrational modes aid in efficiency, referenced by Plasma Chemistry and others
Kinetic Theory of Plasmachemical Reactions of Vibrationally excited molecules

1981A.V. Demura, S.O. Macheret, B.V. Potapkin, V.D. Rusanov, A.A. Fridman, G.V. Sholin

Direct dioxygen evolution in collisions of carbon dioxide with surfaces

Yunxi Yao,

Philip Shushkov,

Thomas F. Miller III &

Konstantinos P. Giapis 

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