SummaryInvestigate Plasma for complete dissociation of CO2
OwnerShannon A. Fiume

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There have been various routes to dissociate oxygen from CO2 via plasma. More are in the works.

Why plasma?

Fastest way to dissociate a gas in a larger quantity en-mass. Needs to be verified to be faster than electrolysis or state of the art electrochemical methods.

Why does a plasma type work better than the others?

Still verifying if plasma can be matched to achieve the desired outcomes.

What are the desired outcomes?

Looking to find the maximum solid carbon per second that can be obtained using the lowest energy. Then looking at scaling that method to achieve 660GtC over 20 years.

What experiments do you need to design to test plasma against the desired outcomes?

How much money is needed to create and run the experiment?

How much money is needed to pay a stipend or bounty for the people to run the experiment?

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